About Us

Our Mission

At BPCEC, we are committed to the WORSHIP of God via WWW, by the transforming power of God through prayer.

Our Vision

BPCEC is a congregation that seeks to:

Proclaim and practise the WORD of God faithfully, where the Word of God is faithfully proclaimed and practised by the power of the Spirit and prayer.

Perform WORKS of ministry, where the works of ministry involves every member as a servant/minister to be encouraged and equipped.

Present Christ to the WORLD, where we clearly and courageously bear witness for Christ to the world through sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and doing good works individually and congregationally.

Our Belief

BPCEC is a member of the Presbyterian Church in Singapore.

As a member of the worldwide Body of Christ, BPCEC subscribes to the Apostles’ Creed, confessing our belief in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

BPCEC shares the historical and theological roots of the worldwide family of the Presbyterian and Reformed churches. As such, it subscribes to the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Our Pastoral Team

Our History

  • Beginnings

    We began on 05 March 1978 as an English Service of Bethany Presbyterian Church (BPC) when it was located at Kim Chuan Road. It started with the aim of ministering to the young people of BPC, who were English-speaking.

  • Growth

    Under the loving support of BPC, the English Service grew from strength to strength. In 2012, the EDC of BPC gave the blessings for the English Service to be autonomous, independently registered as a society under the Registry of Societies (ROS), and also to be a member church of the English Presbytery of the Synod of the Presbyterian Church in Singapore (PCS).

  • Established

    Bethany Presbyterian Church English Congregation (BPCEC) was established on 29 June 2013 as an autonomous congregation under the English Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in Singapore (PCS).

  • Right Now

    Now that BPCEC is autonomous, we are excited to witness God’s love and power at work in our midst to transform us for His service and glory (荣神益人).