ACM 2021

Annual Congregational Meeting 2021

BPCEC’s Annual Congregational Meeting (ACM) for 2021 will be held on 07 March 2021 at 2pm. Due to the existing restrictions from the Covid-19 situation, the ACM will be held virtually. As such, voting will take place via a proxy form which will be sent to all Communicant members of BPCEC. The form includes two items: 1) Voting for nine motions, and 2) Allowing the Chairman of the EDC, Rev Peter Chan, to vote on your behalf at the ECM.

On 21 February 2021 at 2pm, all items on the ACM2021 agenda will be presented over a Zoom meeting. After which, the proxy form will be sent to all members with further instructions.

You may also refer to the Agenda of the ACM as well as the ACM booklet available for download below. 

If you are a Communicant member of BPCEC, please email to join the meetings on 21 February and 07 March.